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Duration -2 And Half Months(75 Hours)
Minimum Qualification 12th Standard

Glow  Institute of Professional Studies Know as Glowips is Authorised Tally Academy providing Tally training Glowips started it’s operations as Computerised Accounts Training Institute and Taxation Tally Training Institute. Due to demand and popularity of such training, it has developed various training courses. Glowips is one the Oldest and best Accounting and Tally Training Institute in Delhi/Ncr.  

Tally ERP 9 - course

GLOWIPS offers two & Half months  Tally certificate Course after 12th using Taly new version and Tally latest version Tally ERP Training Course and basic computer course in Delhi for beginners.

However to become complete Tally Certified Professional Accountant students should join one year Diploma Course. Glow Institute of Professional Studies Known as Glowips is Authorised Institute Tally Academy of Certified Professional Accountants which offers one year Certified Accounting Diploma Course, making GLOWIPS as Best Certified Accounting Training Institute in Delhi.



Topics Covered in Tally ERP 9

1  Company Info Menu

  • Select company
  • Shut company
  • Create company
  • Alter company
  • Security control
  • Change tally vault
  • Split company data
  • Back up
  • Restore
  • Tally audit features

2  Country Specific Configuration

  • Country details
  • Style of dates
  • Configuration of numbers
  • Other options

3  Loading a Company

  • Select  company
  • Company name
  • Financial  year

4  F12 Configuration

  • General
  • Numeric symbols
  • Accts/inventory info.
  • Voucher  entry
  • Invoice / orders entry
  • Payroll  configuration
  • Printing
  • E- mailing
  • Data configuration
  • Advanced configuration
  • Licensing

5  F-11 Features

  • Accounting  features
  • Inventory  features
  • Statutory & taxation

6.  Accounts Information

  • Accounting configurations & features (f 11 & f 12)
  • Functions in accounts info. Menu
  • Groups
  • Ledgers
  • Voucher types

7.  Inventory Information

  • Inventory configurations & features
  • Inventory info. Menu
  • Stock groups
  • Stock categories
  •  Stock items
  •  Units of measurement
  •  Bills of materials
  •  Locations / godowns
  •  Batches & expiry dates
  •  Inventory voucher types

8.  Voucher Entry

  • Accounting  vouchers ( contra voucher, payment voucher, receipt voucher, journal voucher, sales voucher/ invoice, purchase voucher / invoice, debit note voucher, credit note voucher)
  • Inventory vouchers (purchase order, sales order, receipt note, delivery note, and rejections out, rejections in, stock journal, manufacturing journal, and physical stock voucher)
  • Optional & non- accounting vouchers (memorandum vouchers, optional vouchers, reversing journals, post- dated vouchers, using optional vouchers in scenario management)
  • Order processing (sales order, purchase order)
  • Advanced voucher entry (voucher entry using additional cost of purchase, voucher entry using inventory allocations, voucher entry using tracking numbers, voucher entry using zero valued entries, voucher entry using different actual and billed quantity, voucher entry using batch wise details, voucher entry using mfg. & expiry Dates, voucher entry using cost categories & cost centre, voucher entry using cost centre class, voucher entry using multi- currency)

9.  Advanced Accounting Features

  • Cost categories & cost centres
  • Budgets
  • Interest calculations
  • Cheque printing
  • Credit limits
  • Scenario management 
  • Reorder levels & reorder quantity
  • Price- levels & price- lists

10.  Quick Setup

  • 1
  • 2Excise for manufacturers
  • Excise for dealer
  • Value-Added Tax
  • Tax deducted at source
  • Tax collected at source

11.  Texation

Excise for Dealer

  • Excise for dealer- Flowchart on excise dealer
  • Duties and method of calculation, filing excise return, enabling excise, creating masters,
  • Creating dealer opening stock, excise voucher entries/
  • Excise-Reports- Excise stock register, excise purchase bill register, sales & purchase extract, customs clearance register, form RG23D, Quarterly- Return- Form-2)
  • Excise for Manufacturer -scope and applicability
  • Manufacturer, excisable-goods, types of excise duties, valuation methods, CENVAT Credit.
  • Excise-Registration of factory/warehouse, Excise Control Code (ECC) Number, Central Excise Invoice System
  • Types of duties and methods of calculation, Time and mode of payment of duty, Returns and Timelines, Excise process, enabling excise

 Excise Reports

  • Excise-computation, daily stock register,PLA Register, FORM ER1,CENVATRegisters (Credit summary, Credit Availed,RG23 Part-I,RG23 Part-II, Annexure 10, Abstract).

Service - Tax-

  • Scope and applicability, Registration, Service-tax assessee code, valuation of taxable service, charge of service tax, exemption from service-tax, Abatement, Pure Agent, Money equivalent, Adjusting credit, Time & Mode payment.
  • Returns & Timelines, Enabling service tax, creating masters (service purchase ledger, service sales ledger, Service provider (supplier) ledger, Service receiver (customer) ledger, Tax-ledger, service-tax voucher entry (Service tax opening bills, sale/purchase order for services, purchase of services.



  • Payments (full) to service provider, Receipts (full) from service receiver, purchase of services and partial payment , purchase of service-inclusive of service-tax, service input credit adjustment,CENVAT credit adjustment, payment of service-tax, payment of interest & penalties.

12  Service - Tax Reports

  • Service-tax Payables (Bill date-wise, Receipt-date-wise, Tax on service-received, Import of services) Input Credit Summary
  • ST3 Report

13.  Tax Deducted at source (TDS) & TCS

  • TDS Process
  • Issue of TDS Certificate
  • Filing of E-TDS Return
  • Enabling TDS
  • TDS Nature of payment
  • Deductee types
  • Creating TDS Masters (Expense ledger, Party Ledger, Tax ledger)
  • TDS Voucher Entries/Transactions
  • TDS on expenses (Journal Voucher)
  • Expenses partly subject to TDS (Journal voucher)
  • Accounting multiple expenses and deducting TDS later
  • TDS on advance payments
  • Adjusting advances against the bill
  • TDS on expenses @ lower rate
  • TDS on expenses @ zero rate
  • Changes in TDS Percentage
  • TDS on sales commission
  •  TDS on interest payments
  • Payment of TDS using TDS Helper

14  TDS Reports

  • Computation
  • TDS Challan Reconciliation
  • Print Form 16A
  • Form 26Q
  • Annexure to 26Q
  • Form 27Q
  • Annexure to 27Q
  • Form 26
  • Annexure to 26
  • Form 27
  • Annexure to 27
  • E-Return
  • E-TDS, Print form 27A
  • Outstandings (TDS Payables, ledger, Nature of payment, TDS not deducted)  
  • Exception Reports (PAN Not Available, Unknown Deductee Types)

15  Value Added Tax (VAT)

  • Enabling Regular VAT
  • Creating masters for regular VAT
  • Purchase ledger, Input VAT ledger
  • Sales ledger, Output VAT ledger
  • Additional ledgers, TAX Invoice
  • VAT Adjustment Class Journal
  • Purchase Invoice, Taxable sales Invoice
  • Consignment /Branch Transfer Outward
  • Debit Note, Credit Note, Journal Voucher
  • VAT Adjustment against tax payable
  • VAT Payment Voucher, VAT Reports & Computation


  • Registration and rate of CST
  • Declaration Forms, Filing of CST Returns
  • Enabling CST, Creating masters
  • Inter-state purchase & sales ledger
  • CST Ledgers, Creating Vouchers
  • Inter-state purchase Invoice & Sales Invoice
  • Transit sales, CST Payment

Central Sales Tax Reports (CST)

  • CST Computation & Return Form
  • Forms Receivable, Forms Issuable
  • Auto-fill option for CST
  • Viewing all vouchers, Reminders & Covering letters

17   Payroll Features of Tally

  • Enabling payroll in tally   
  • Five easy steps to generate a pay slip   
  • Creating Payroll Masters (Payroll Info)
  • Payroll Voucher Entry/Transactions)
  • Statements of payroll(Pay slip, pay sheet, payroll statement, payment advice, payroll register, Employee pay head-breakup, pay head employee breakup)
  • Attendance-Reports (Attendance sheet, Attendance-Register)
  • Expat-Reports (Passport expiry, Visa expiry, Contract expiry) 
  • Payroll Statutory Reports
  • Payroll Statutory Computation
  • Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) Reports
  • Employee’s State-Insurance (ESI) Reports
  • Professional Tax Report, Gratuity Report
  • Tracking Loans & Advances
  • Salary Increments & Arrears Calculation

18  Data Management & Administration

  • Backup & Restore
  • Split a Company, Export & Import of Data
  • E-Capabilities (E-mail a Report from Tally.ERP9)
  • Uploading the reports generated from Tally.ERP9
  • Tally ODBC), Inward Connectivity
  • Security controls 
  • Tally Audit Feature
  • Tally Vault

19  Reports

  • Display financial statements  (Display balance-sheet, configuring the balance-sheet, integrate accounts with inventory, setting closing-stock manually in the balance-sheet, displaying balance-sheet with different stock valuation methods)
  • Display Profit & Loss A/c
    (Configuring profit & Loss A/c, income/expense statement instead of P&L)

  • Display Trial Balance     (Configuring in Trial Balance)
  • Display Registers & Ledgers
    (Display sales register, purchase register, cash book, bank book, journal register, day book, statements of accounts)
  • Display inventory reports & statements
     ( Display stock summary, stock items, stock group summary, stock category summary, location/godown summary, stock query, stock cost-estimation, sales order book, sales order summary, purchase order book, purchase order summary, reorder-status, movement analysis, display batch-wise reports, stock ageing analysis, sales bills pending, purchase bills pending, stock transfer register, physical stock register, statistics of inventory masters)

20.  Management Information Systems (MIS)

  • Receivables,
  • Payables,
  • Cost-centre reports,
  • Cash flow statement,
  • Fund flow statement,
  • Ratio analysis reports,
  • Exceptional reports.
21.  Tally . Net Features With Remote capabilities



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