Tally Customer speak

We choose Glowips due to their
competence and the way they moved
to have in depth understanding of
our specific business requirement.
The speed of execution and response
from their and was superb. We are
glad to have chosenGlow Institute of
Professional Studies Known as Glowips.
Pooja – HR HeadG Five Mobile Company


We appreciate the services rendered
by your firm in splitting the tally
data in Multiple years now we are
maintaining our data separately and smoothly.
We are satisfied with Glowips.
Sr. Accountant - Mr. Rawat Indiamart


“We are using Tally Software last
many year for accounting purpose but
we were not taking the benefit for
jewellery Purpose when we customize the tally
software with the help of Mr. G K Sharma
Owner of GlowIPS we are smoothly
work & we are happy.
Manager – Mr. Kamal
Amoliq Jwelles Pvt. Ltd.


Through your Manufacturing customize
solutions like indent, Physical Verification,
Quality control , Gate entry & etc reports we are fully satisfied and we are running
our work easily Many thanks for Glow
Institute of Professional Studies.
IT Manager – Amit Sinha
Pearey Lal and Sons–Escorts,Ashok Leyland Crane Manufactures


Thanks For Glow Institute of
Professional Studies known as Glowips
who have give us total Inventory,
Production etc tally solutions now
we are saving our highly cost & time.
After satisfactory services we have
also provide one more unit work Maharishi
Solar Technology (P) Ltd. work.
Thanks Mr. G K Sharma owner of Glowips.
IT & Accounts Department
Maharishi Ayurveda & Maharishi Solar Technology (P) Ltd.


Whenever we have problem or want
any solutions than only one name came
in my mind i.e. Glow Institute of
Professional Studies know as GlowIps
Superb support, good solutions are
the pillars of Glowips Technologies.
General Manager – R K Sharma
Minda Auto Components Pvt. Ltd.


GlowIps customize solutions,
training & continuous support
we are successfully able to use
powerful features of customized excel
based reporting tool in auto payroll
auto updated tools.
Accounts Department


‘’Last two Year we are taking
the accounts book keeping service
from Glow Institute of Professional
studies and they are providing us
satisfactory services & customize
society billing solutions.
Bharat Soni – Finance Incharge
EFORA Parsvnath Residents Society


After talking with from Glowips
we choose Syncronization features
of Tally as new level of development
in our accounts and finance environment.
We maintaining our accounts in two
site Faridabad & Rudrapur now with
the help of Glowips we are maintaining
our accounts in one site.
Mr. Gupta – Chartered Accountant
New Allenberry work (Prop. Of Deepak Industries Ltd. )

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Feature Projects

Minda Group

The company NK MINDA Group is one of the leading global manufacturers of automobile components and a leading supplier of proprietary automotive solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). For nearly five decades, N K Minda Group has been supplying the automotive industry with innovative engineered products that are efficient, safe, responsive and enhance comfort levels. The Company Invested in Tally ERP-9 Systems to Upgrade and organize their Payroll Management and to cover there all mismanagement in Manpower Sector. We successfully Implemented and customized the system at their Unit with Dedicated Corporate trainings and Implementations.

Safegate Airport Systems India Pvt Ltd

Safegate Group is an international company with headquarters in Malmö, Sweden and representatives in more than 50 countries around the world. The main objective for Safegate Group is to provide the airport industry with efficient solutions for more and safer aircraft movements. The solutions include operations, control and handling of aircraft on the ground, airborne aircraft close to the airport and ground vehicles at the airport. As a result of dedicated research and development throughout the years Safegate Group is today considered a specialist in its field of business. Our Unit provided them intensive training on the ERP Part and Project Accountings , Complete Implementations , Integration and Other Structural Modifications were carried out to suit the requirement of the organization.

Panasonic India Pvt Ltd

Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, Panasonic Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of electronic products and solutions for consumer, business and industrial needs. Panasonic uses innovative technologies to provide solutions, not just products, to make everyday home and business life simpler, convenient and energy efficient. With a clear vision to become the number 1 Green Innovation company in the worldwide electronics industry by year 2018, Panasonic strongly believes in designing products and solutions keeping the environment in mind. Under its global Eco Ideas umbrella, the company develops energy-efficient, state-of-the-art products and encourages customers to live eco-conscious lifestyles with an aim to reduce carbon emissions in households and manufacturing units.

Our Company GLOWIPS Provided them dedicated Technical Support in Tally ERP-9 Systems and Integration capabilities with various Solutions to implement from SAP – Tally ( 2 way Bridge ).

Bioworld Merchandizing

At Bioworld, we make stuff – all kinds of stuff. That’s right, you might have thought we were a pharmaceutical or petroleum company, but we are not. Although we do generate innovation, ignite growth, and constantly evolve, we are not your traditional laboratory. Bioworld is the strategic brand identity optimization partner. Call us trend scientists, brand ambassadors or product specialists. We have multiple labs filled with experts who are immersed in the lifestyle of the brands we develop. At Bioworld, we incubate licensed and private-label brands, massive, award-winning brands that are enriched with strategy, design, and marketplace execution.

Our Team Successfully implemented Tally ERP-9 Systems at their sites and also provided customization solutions (processing) , varied Technical Support was provided .

Contec Global

Established in 1984 and headquartered in London, the Contec Global Group has a worldwide presence, with operations in Asia, Africa, Europe and America. As a company established on the platform of e-Governance and smart technologies, Contec Global is amongst the most experienced independent technology and systems organizations operating in developing countries. Today, the Group is engaged, globally, in providing integrated, systems-based solutions in the fields of Energy, Secure Technologies, Infrastructure and Hospitality.

Our experience working on large-scale security solutions projects, as well as our laterally integrated business interests, puts us in a unique position to provide seamless, end-to-end solutions for mega projects. With our worldwide presence and close associations with the governments of nations at the very highest levels, Contec Global is uniquely positioned to not just initiate and implement mega projects but to also influence policy makers on key issues.

The Group has vast experience in Africa, which continues to be our primary market, with mission critical, large-scale operations spanning the continent from Nigeria to Uganda, the Republic of Niger, Burundi, Congo DRC and Southern Sudan. In the year 2008 however, we are looking to aggressively build our presence in the European market through our operations in the United Kingdom and Switzerland, as well as in the Middle East through our newly forged network of partnerships and strategic alliances.

Our Unit Successfully Implemented International Tally Systems with Complete Synchronization Implementation to their various across offices across Globe . We have provided them dedicated customization and integration as per enterprise's requirement.

Pearey Lal and Sons – Escorts, Ashok Leyland Crane Manufactures

Manufacturers Of Dass Hydros, Dass Jones Diesel Hydraulic Mobile Cranes Hydraulic Products & Equipment , We are manufacturer of heavey earth moving machine.

Our Team held several meeting with the senior Management and provided intensive customized solutions in the Tally ERP-9 Systems for their organizations work. The Company has several offices in Delhi – NCR with high end BOM management and other sync capabilities.

The work is successfully implemented by us and the project was the first ever Manufacturing Customization Module to be constructed in Delhi NCR at this colossal scale, managing the complete crane operations and other Service Capabilities for the Enterprise.

Maharishi Ayurvedic India Pvt Ltd

The origin of Maharishi Ayurveda dates back to 1980, when Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of Transcendental Meditation began working with India's top three Ayurvedic experts - Dr. V.M. Dwivedi, Dr. B.D. Triguna and Dr. Balaraj Maharishi. Maharishi formed a medical council to create authentic herbal formulations according to Ayurvedic texts and also established an international network of doctors, clinics and schools dedicated to eliminating disease and offering perfect health to people worldwide. MAPPL in its entirety, as it is today was conceived later under the Maharishi's Global Plan and was intended to cater to the rapidly growing demands, also in the Indian Market.

It is also manufacturing a range of patented products like Kasni, Amlant, Raktda, Restone, Livomap, Pirant, Herbonic etc. and Classical Products like Asavas, Arishtas, Bhasms and others. Today MAPPL products, covering more than 900 formulations, are not only distributed all over India, through an extensive network of Distributors, but also exported to various countries.

MAPPL realizes the need of quality management, as Ayurveda was in a prolonged period of hibernation during foreign regimes and during this period of hibernation the health needs of the society changed greatly. Therefore it is imperative to review the concepts of Ayurveda in the light of the changes in health care needs and of modern technology so as to make it applicable to the changed socioeconomic scenario.

The Maharishi Assignment was successfully catered by our unit in a span of 2 months, the company deals in Excise and Large No of Items with subsequent coding systems . The Co have presence in many parts of World, hence the work was implemented by our Unit with future sync prospects . The Company Now manages their Tally Systems to the best of their out after our Services.


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