Payroll Courses – Payroll Training – Learn Payroll – How to do Payroll.

Duration -30 Months (40 Hours)
Minimum Qualification 12th Standard


Payroll courses consists of training on Tally ERP 9 Payroll Software this software helps students to learn “how to do payroll ” for big companies. Glowips provides study material and “Payroll Books” to study payroll. Students are given practical exposure to Payroll preparation of various companies as projects. GLOWIPS offers daily as well as weekend payroll classes to those who are interested to learn Payroll. Learning payroll helps candidates to get good job in the field of a Payroll where these candidates will work in the HR division of the organization. Payroll training course designed by GLOWIPS covers various aspects of Payroll Accounting, some of these features are given below:-

Provident Fund and labour laws Training HR payroll accounting Management

    • How to file for Provident Fund registration
    • How to file Provident Fund Challan’s
    • How to file various Provident fund related registers Provident Fund Returns and various labour law formalities
    Software Covered
    Tally ERP 9 Software
    Slab wise calculation on the basis of working days of selective allowances & deductions
    Slab wise calculation on the basis of absent on selective allowance & deductions
    Define grade wise pay scale of selective allowances.
    Define level wise pay scale increment
    Define deduction calculate on selective allowance head
    Define unlimited no of grades/  levels/ categories
    Define unlimited no of qualification type/ qualification course
    Define performance rating parameter muster
    Define unlimited no of departments / designation /units/ sub units
    Define restricted ordinary holidays
    Define ERP percentage & limit for employee & employer
    Define FPS percentage & limit of employee & employer
    Define A/c No/. 02 EPF Admin Charges percentage Round off value
    Define a/c no 21 EDLI 
    Define Ac/ No. 22 EPF Admin Charges
    Define Employee and Employer LWF account
    Define salary calculation days in month
    Define professional tax calculation
    Define OT calculation days in month
    Define employee wise weekly off/ second weekly off
    Define employee wise salary type (Daily / monthly)
    Define employee wise employee type Direct Employee/ contract employee
    Define Employee wise per our OT Rate
    Define Employee wise Bonus % &Limit
    Define employee wise PF ESI rate
    Define educational / Technical / professional qualification and experience of employee
    Define family members nominee & witness detail for employee
    Define local address permanent address telephone no. DOJ etc for employee
    Link employee signature ration card voter id card thumb impression
    Define special remarks for employee same ESE no. validation in employee setup
    Help on PF no. ESE No. in employee setup


    Define unlimited loans for each employee
    Loan installment can be adjust with salary / bonus/ others
    Automatic deduction of loan installment against salary
    On line loan balance show at the tie of monthly attendance entry
    Define monthly advance

    Define receive entry
    Advance/ deduction against bonus.
    Define arrears for each allowance
    Define arrears for unlimited period for each arrears paid month
    Define ESI applicable for selective arrears allowance
    Define arrears % for EPF/ FPF/ ESI arrears wages
    Pay slip / Pay register can be printed with or without arrears
    Muster roll entry option having both daily & monthly entry provision
    Automatically conversion of Muster roll into monthly attendance entry
    Monthly attendance entry provision
    At the time of attendance entry visual payroll will automatically check whether employee covered ESI or not
    At the time of attendance entry If employee exceeds the ESI limit still but still covered under ESI
    Define over time as allowance field
    It can be calculated separately
    Define option to link over time with pay slip
    Define option to link over time with pay slip
    Define OT rates for employee working hours in company &  OT hours
    Temporary OT entry option for giving OT but it will not come in any records
    Year wise opening can be defined for CL/ SL/ EL
    On line leave balance show of CL/SL/EL
    Automatic calculation of monthly earned leave for EL
    Automatic carried forward option for EL
    Only last year earned EL can consumed in current year option available
    Option of stop on Negative balance of leave & option of grace days for minus balance
    Holiday can be defined unit wise
    Option for change the salary even after automatic salary calculation
    You can enter leave application in advance of any employee It will automatic take the effect in Muster roll/ Monthly /attendance entry
    Payroll with Income Tax
    Payhead configure as per Income tax rule
    Professional Tax configuration
    Tax calculation as per  as per projected and Actual
    Exemption & Declaration in Payroll
    Previous Employer detail as per Income tax
    Form 16 , TDS Return & E- TDS Return


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